Famous since ancient times, the saying that if you cannot be a famous figure, then be a good doctor. Both the famous figures and doctors are supposed to save people from sufferings. After completed his professional education and training at National Taiwan University, College of Medicine in 1971, President Min-Ho returned to serve at his hometown Changhua. While serving as the Director of Surgery at Changhua Provincial Hospital, he looked upon his folks with a feeling of “treating all patients equally and cordially.”

In May 1, 1973,”Ming-Ho Huang Clinic” was established at Guangfu Road, Changhua City. Increasing demand from patients prompted him to find a new site and plan to build a new hospital. In September 1980, the new hospital started commencing at No. 542, Zhongshan Road Section 1, Changhua City. The name “Show Chwan Memorial Hospital” was originated from President Huang’s commemoration of his late father’s name Huang Show Chwan. It represents the aspiration to show respect for the elderly.

In response to continuous increase in the number of patients in 1983, the hospital expanded the rear ward to add Dentistry, ENT, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Pathology and Health Examination Departments, to a scale of accommodating up to 300 sickbeds. In 1982 and 1984, it was twice being evaluated as a “Regional Teaching Hospital” by the Ministry of Education.

The hospital expanded once again in April 1986 to launch the Ophthalmology Building, ENT and Chinese Medicine Departments. The same year in July 1, it established the dentistry branch at Guangfu Road. By then, Show Chwan Memorial Hospital has become a large General Hospital at the central region. The same year in December 6, Huang Min-Ho and physicians implemented the idea of treating patients and the country, and elected as legislator with high votes to join the Congress Hall and stated the role model of being a physician-turned-politician.

Show Chuan Memorial Hospital completed the second-stage expansion project in 1987, with the hospital having 500 sickbeds and 1,000 employees then, and regarded as a large teaching hospital with advanced medical equipment and technologies. The following year, Show Chwan Memorial Hospital was accredited as a “Regional Teaching Hospital.”

In 1988, Superintendant Huang expressed his enthusiasm and extraordinary courage to save people’s lives by taking over “Tainan Municipal Hospital” which had been abandoned for six years then. Thanks for the great effort devoted by the hospital staff, it has become a pioneer country-run private hospital.

In December 1989, Superintendent Huang was reappointed as legislator. He invited legislators with physician identity to establish “Health, Welfare & Environment Foundation” and committed to promoting the implementation of “National Health Insurance.” It has received high recognition from the government and public since then. In 1991 and 1994, Show Chuan Memorial Hospital was once again been accredited as a “Regional Teaching Hospital” twice by the Department of Health. During that time, it gradually brought in various kinds of medical equipment and technologies that had not been seen in the central region and even the country to benefit the patients.

Despite great changes in healthcare policy in recent years and unfriendly development of medical environment for hospitals, Show Chwan continues to dedicate itself fully in medical services without regrets.

Chu Shang Show Chwan Building was inaugurated in 1987, and the third-phase expansion project of Gynecology & Pediatric Building and Tumor Building were also inaugurated in 1996 and 1999, respectively. It took over the management of Kaohsiung Municipal Kangshan Hospital in 2000, and Chang Bing Show Chwan Memorial Hospital was established in 2006. The history of Show Chwan is literally a long story of life saving indeed.

As a successor of Show Chwan, the intentions of President Huang are to serve patients with loving care and giving back the folks with medical care. Although the hospital cannot receive rich materialistic rewards, but the scarifying spirit contributed by everybody to allow countless people to regain health is a sense of incomparable achievements and morality. A day in Show Chwan is a lifetime successor in Show Chwan. I sincerely hope everybody will uphold this special emotional feeling of Show Chwan and pass down its good deeds forever.