Message from the Superintendent Pei-Yuan Lee

Working vigorously and avoiding fear are the only words I can find to express my current feeling. I’m very grateful for President Huang Min-Ho and Chief Operating Officer Huang Jing Yuan for their recognition of me and allow me to serve everybody here. Thank you also, Vice President Yeh Yong Xiang for helping me to learn how to grow through the adversity while I was serving at Chu Shang Show Chwan then. Many thanks to Vice President Gu Ming Jou for calling me through the phone one night in 2004 and transferring me back to Changhua Show Chwan from Chu Shang Show Chwan. He has continued to give me clinical guidance over the years and also let me participate in the initial planning and operation of Chang Bing Show Chwan Memorial Hospital. Many thanks also to Vice President Mu Lien Ruei for transferring me to Tainan Municipal Hospital and Kanshan Hospital of Kaohsiung County in 2009, and assisting me to develop the Orthopedic business.

I’m also too grateful for Superintendent Chen Jian Hua for successful completing four arduous tasks of hospital accreditation, teaching hospital accreditation, cancer accreditation, and evaluation for hospital with first-rate first-aid capabilities over the last three years. In baseball game, everybody knows that the sixth player is the most embarrassing one after a cycle of first to fifth players. What is our task next?

“Show Chwan will never choose to confront, nor will it fear of any challenges”

As Taiwan’s largest aggregate corporation of healthcare system, we are duty-bound to undertake the central administration missions, including the Health and Welfare Department, Health Insurance Bureau, National Health Department, and our own policies. As Taiwan’s only hospital that focuses on biotechnology development and healthcare transformation, we will continue to cooperate with major corporate research units, academic research institutions and industry friends to create opportunities for Taiwan’s biotechnology development. Also, as the most important medical role in this field, we must carry on completing the missions assigned by the County Government and health-related bureaus. We are willing to collaborate and share with various associations as partners. Besides mutual clinical referral and personnel interchange, we are also too glad to open all teaching and research resources of Show Chwan Healthcare System to become the common property for all hard-working friends in this respect.

Show Chwan is not a rich family but can only does its best to express its sincerity. As there is a need for Show Chwan to exist in any form of healthcare and welfare policies, we must therefore enrich ourselves and strengthen our core competencies to achieve the tasks assigned by the higher level. Although we own many departments and play a vital role in the region as well as the country, but we can’t afford to be complacent. We will continue to strive and let Show Chwan become a major participating member in medical and healthcare policies. We firmly believe that any kind of policy can’t be implemented perfectly without the involvement of Show Chwan, but we must also self-examine, introspect and make improvement. I look forward to regaining trust from the official parties and the public.

I was a country-sponsored student from a poor family. After graduated from college, I encountered the first large-scale outbreak of dengue fever while working in several small and medium organizations in the rural areas of Kaohsiung Counties and City. After completed my training at the medical center, I went back to Nantou countryside and roamed about unrestrictedly. By chance, I was recruited to work in Chu Shang Show Chwan Hospital and happened to witness the 921 major earthquake from the first day of rescuing until post-disaster reconstruction. Then, I experienced numerous incidents, including SARS epidemic after returning to Show Chwan General Hospital, the Tainan’s dengue fever epidemic that happed last year-end, and the flu epidemic that spread through the Chinese New year nationwide. All these had left all levels of hospitals to involve in rescue missions. During the collapse incident of Crown Building caused by Tainan earthquake, the building’s four corners were erected with medical stations by National Cheng Kung University Hospital, Chi Mei Medical Center, the attached Tainan Municipal Annan Hospital and Show Chwan Memorial Hospital to China Medical University Hospital of Tainan Municipal Hospital. Those series of experiences have deeply convinced me that medical institutions play an irreplaceable role, and only high-efficiency, high-quality regional balance and interaction are a blessing of all people, especially when the country has already listed long-term care as an important policy undertaking. As localization and communization have already become a trend, how to attend both the development of local healthcare industry and optimize the supplies of health and welfare industry simultaneously are issues we must face.

Serving as the major medical institution in Changhua County, we must play a hub role to uphold the purpose of “Dedication, Innovation, and Treating Patients like Relatives” initiated by Huang Min-Ho, the founder and President of Show Chwan. This is a lifelong aspiration that Show Chwan staff and all medical practitioners must insist. As we still have a long way to go and lots of goals to be achieved, I sincerely urge all levels of executives to help, all good friends to cooperate, and all my colleagues to support me as not to disappoint the expectations of society on Show Chwan. Thank you very much.