Famous since ancient times, the saying that if you cannot be a famous figure, then be a good doctor. Both the famous figures and doctors are supposed to save people from sufferings. So, setting up good mortality, sayings and achievements are essential thoughts to reflect love on the people. After completed his professional education and training at National Taiwan University, College of Medicine in 1971, Superintendent Huang returned to serve at his hometown in Changhua. While serving as the Director of Surgery at Changhua Provincial Hospital, he took good care of his folks with a spirit of “treating all patients equally and cordially.”

Show Chwan has moved step by step over the past 30 years. Now the fruits of hard work have slowly grown and thrived as time goes by. Looking back over our endeavors, I can feel my chest burning with gratitude.

“As a successor of Show Chwan, the intentions of President Huang are to serve patients with loving care and giving back the folks with medical care. Although the hospital cannot receive rich materialistic rewards, but the scarifying spirit contributed by everybody to allow countless people to regain health is a sense of incomparable achievements and morality. A day in Show Chwan is a lifetime successor in Show Chwan. I sincerely hope everybody will uphold this special emotional feeling of Show Chwan and pass down its good deeds forever.”

From the very beginning, Show Chwan Memorial Hospital’s missions have been to benefit the rural areas comprehensively by serving patients with loving care and giving back to society with medical care. The realization of Show Chwan spirit can be seen in the opening of branches in Chu Shang, Chang Bing and Taipei, forming sistership with major local/foreign hospitals, establishing industrial-academic cooperation, supporting the community health centers, President Huang’s three-time election as legislator, his effort to treat illnesses and the country, and his initiations of National Health Insurance, social welfare and environmental protection policies.