The name “Show Chwan” was originated from President Huang’s commemoration of his father. It represents the aspiration to show concern for the elderly, love the young ones, care for everyone’s health, and pursue a peaceful and happy society.

We are honored, and feel joyful and grateful for having gone through the past 30 years. To welcome the arrival of new era, Show Chwan will not only adhere to the fundamental spirit of “treating patients like relatives, dedication to professional work, and serving people with loving care,” but also continue to seek innovation, progress and diversified exchanges in medical technology, new medical knowledge and medical equipment. In recent years, Show Chwan has opened branches at Chang Bing, Chu Shang, Taipei and other areas. It also manages the Tainan Municipal Hospital and Kangshan Hospital of Kaohsiung County, and formed affiliations with hospitals in Canada, United States and Japan. We will continue to improve the quality of medical and pharmaceutical care in the effort to provide more comprehensive and professional services to our patients.

e-Show Chwan
Boundless Medical Driving Force
Network Utopia of Show Chwan Healthcare System - a small town with large hospital
Real-time Transmission of Clinical Experience and Exchange

Amid the hot and stuffy afternoon, a web video interview was underway through Chunghwa Telecom “bidirectional 512” in Health, Welfare & Environment Foundation Office at Qingdao East Road in Taipei. Meanwhile, President Huang Min-Ho and physicians of Show Chwan Healthcare System was talking about the latest introduction of “painless gastrointestinal examination method of capsule endoscopy” and “robotic surgery” on the other end of Internet during the Changhua Show Chwan Hospital’s conference.

※ Thriving from a surgical hospital of 30 sickbeds
In Show Chwan Healthcare System, the clinical experience and exchange of Internet video conference can be real-time transmitted without time differences through Chunghwa Telecom “bidirectional 512.” It is just like the enthusiasm of Huang Min-Ho 30 years ago after he completed his professional training at National Taiwan University, College of Medicine and returned to his hometown in Changhua. Started from “Ming-Ho Huang Surgical Hospital” with just 30 sickbeds, he has been serving Xibin residents that rely on the hospital to give them the medical care. Show Chwan Hospital has long been playing the role of a health guardian from its very beginning intention and ready to march towards the Internet generation.

“I always thought that even a small town should also have a medical standard of the metropolitan. This has prompted me to bring in medical technologies and advanced equipment.” In the past 30 years, not only Huang Min-Ho and physicians have spent lots of money on procurement of medical equipment. Now the extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy machine in Show Chwan Hospital can allow patients with kidney stones to avoid the surgical pain, and has a cure rate of up to 95%. A pioneer to use abdominal ultrasonography inspection, and gallbladder endoscopic in gallstone removal and cholecystectmy technique have gradually helped Show Chwan Hospital to gain high recognition in Taiwan’s hospital healthcare system.

※ Catch the mysterious in vivo glimpse through gallbladder endoscopy
Show Chwan has introduced a new technology. Patients only need to swallow a capsule with built-in micro lens and wireless signal transmitter. Measuring 11x26mm in size like a cod liver oil capsule, it is worn along with a “radio transmission receiver” just like a Walkman. The capsule will continuously transmit images from the intestine to the receiver. After eight hours, the capsule will automatically be discharged from the body. The physician only requires reading the hard disc data of receiver from the computer screen to clearly find the bleeding lesions. It is particularly helpful to diagnose small intestinal bleeding. In the event that endoscopy and colonoscopy are unable to locate the lesions, and that angiography and nuclear medicine cannot find the bleeding points, capsule endoscopy comes in very handy indeed.

Such technology that Show Chwan Hospital introduces has already been performed more than 20 cases in Taiwan. After surgery, the patients’ conditions can be improved significantly.

※ Robotic surgery will trigger a new technological revolution
Another high-tech medical equipment is “ultra-precision remote surgical robot.”

The “ultra-precision remote surgical robot” is composed of an ergonomic console to allow the surgeon to sit appropriately, plus three robotic arms mounted on the operating table. The surgeon only needs to presence near the operating table, or can even remote control the left and right robotic arms through the console by moving the fingers and wrists, and via broadband connection. Not only can it provide comparable rotation, bending and other movements, but also eliminate hand shaking phenomenon. Meanwhile, the third robotic arm can be vocally controlled to hold the endoscopy steadily to provide excellence accuracy.

Before performing coronary bypass surgery with the help of a surgical robot, we can transmit images and medical records through the “bidirectional 512” broadband network. Regardless of patient’s options, medical data transmission and discussion, surgical guidance and exchange of viewpoints, all these can be done through video conference to keep tight communication with British medical experts. In the past, we might need to spend lots of money and time to take the patient abroad for examination, but now distance and technology are no longer a problem.

※ Medical borderless driving force - Chunghwa Telecom “bidirectional 512”
The current Show Chwan Healthcare System has spanned across entity hospitals and virtual health websites. The physicians in all hospitals use “bidirectional 512” Internet video conferences at least twice weekly to exchange clinical experiences and discuss illness cases. Dr. Huang Min-Ho said: “It’s a pity for one medical personnel to serve only one hospital. We can actually use the brainpower of a whole team to help patients through the Internet!”

Another concrete move of Show Chwan Healthcare System is computerization, i.e., “” led by Omnihealth Group Inc. (Health, Welfare & Environment Foundation International Park). Besides providing healthcare knowledge to general public, we also update professional medical information sites and online education system for medical personnel, and meanwhile, “Show Chan Web TV” provides 30 minutes of live medical lecture at ten o’clock each morning. For people who miss the webcast, they can download the file 24 hours for reference. Chunghwa Telecom “bidirectional 512” has synchronized the uploading and downloading speed more actively and agilely.

In addition, Show Chwan Healthcare System has also incorporated with 19 hospitals, including Min-Sheng General Hospital and Medical Center to offer B2B (business to business) medical resources through the e-commerce platform to reduce hospital operating costs in a collective procurement approach.

In the future, Show Chwan Healthcare System will further make good use of “bidirectional512” to achieve professional mutual technical assistance and information sharing, and strengthen cooperation with foreign sister hospitals. In the foreseeable future, the robotic arms and high-quality rapid network video connection will greatly enhance the quality of medical care in Taiwan’s offshore islands.

Dr. Huang Min-Ho said: “As the future medical devices and equipment tend to become more sophisticated and more expensive, computerization is the goal of Show Chwan to avoid medical resource idling and wasting by performing remote operation and centralized processing through network diagnosis and referral. In this respect, China Telecom’s “bidirectional 512” of medical borderless is no doubt a great driving force.