Message from Superintendent Yong-Xiang Yeh

Chang Bing Show Chwan's goal - to become an “Asian Mayo Medical Center”
Inaugurated in 2006, Show Chwan Memorial Hospital has emerged as Taiwan’s first Health Park to offer six-star e-hotel services. The Park is equipped with advanced medical equipment, and possesses a high-standard health team to provide user-friendly services integrated with food, clothing, housing, transport, education and recreation elements. Such high-end Medical Health Park at Lukang Township for guiding the good health of the public’s body, mind and spirit has received excellence recognition and response all along. This is also the hospital’s driving force to march towards the goal of being an “Asian Mayo Clinic.”

As “Lukang” is a hometown of President Huang Min-Ho who initiated Show Chwan Healthcare System, taking care and giving back the village folks have been his greatest medical career. Located at a remote town, Lukang particularly requires high-quality medical care. So taking “Mayo Medical Center” in the United States as a benchmark, President Huang anticipates Chang Bing Show Chwan to become an Asian Mayo Clinic for the public and to be praised as a “Good Rural Hospital.”

The spirit of “Mayo” is a goal that Chang Bing Show Chwan Memorial Hospital will study and refine itself diligently. Besides providing professional medical and user-friendly services, the medical personnel of Chang Bing Health Park are dedicated to venture deep into the community to advocate health education, and actively establish blood pressure stations to promote the concept of preventive medicine. The purpose is to make early detection of any potential anomalies, and conduct timely diagnosis and treatment to safeguard the public’s health.

The Imperial Medical System (EVIP) of Show Chwan Healthcare System has raised high acclaim in Chang Bing Health Park, of which is another extension to guard the public’s health. Like a healthy broker, each VIP and his/her family also own a private imperial physician, with a team to initially offer medical advice regularly, and intimate services of preventive health care and nutrition guidance. The aim is to achieve a four-comprehensive health enhancement for the “whole body, whole family, whole team, and whole process,” allowing preventive medicine to be implemented in the community to take good care of public’s health.

The patient-oriented healthcare is a core value of Show Chwan Chang Bing Hospital’s medical service team. Due to the advantages of small wound size, less bleeding and shorter recovery period of minimally invasive surgery, and that it is also the surgery trend in the 21st century, President Huang Min-Ho started to cooperate with French minimally invasive surgery training center to set up an Asian Minimally Invasive Surgery Training Center within the Park to foster the surgical skills of Asian surgeons. Besides benefiting the entire Asian patients who need the surgery, it also enables doctors under Show Chwan’s system to demonstrate the high skills of minimally invasive surgery in close proximity.

Through the efforts done by previous Superintendants, Chang Bing Show Chwan Memorial Hospital will strive to enhance its brand image of “treating patients as relatives, and creating an outstanding medical institution.” Now that our healthcare network has already spread worldwide, we anticipate promoting “Mayo” spirit as our highest guiding principle to continue safeguarding the health of the general public. Let us encourage each other in our endeavors.